GeForce GTX 470, 580W Psu Enough?

ive just purchased a gtx 470 from ebay, the minimum requirements are 38A on 12v rail and 550W power consumption.
At the moment i have a 580w PSU with 38A Rail, am i cutting it too close, should i upgrade to a more powerful PSU ?

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  1. All psus are not created equal. If that is a single rail psu with only 38A on the 12V rail then it is not a 580W supply. It would be stretching it to be called a 500W supply. What is the brand and model?
  2. I'm guessing you're running a generic PSU. Yes it's ok, you can run it on that PSU but you'll be running the risk of blowing your whole rig too. Might as well buy a new PSU bro. :)
  3. sorry for the delay it is a dual 12v rail, its a Hiper Type M 580W, its easily 3-4 years old, but its powering a 6 core & a msi 5770 card at the moment, but with the gtx 470 i may be cutting it too close
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    The Hiper M are a tier 4 supply. Leave it on the 5770 system as it only needs 450W and get a better supply for the 470.

    You need 550W or more. Buy a good supply from Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, or XFX.
    This XFX550 is on sale at newegg
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