Laptop with windows 7 crashed. This file might be corrupt

When i start my laptop which has windows 7 I get this message "This file might be corrupt. The header checksum does not match the computed checksum". What can I do to correct this problem? Help!

It showes up before windows even start. The only thing that does work is f12 where i can select 3 different boot devices:
Internal Hdd: Sandisk ssd u100 16gb
Network Boot:Atheros boot agent

None of them is working nor can i do anything els with it.

This occurred last night or this morning.
The laptop did not move nor did it does nothing. I shut it off like normal and when i tryed start it again ei get the text.

ps. It wont let me boot it up with either the win7 disk or the win8 recovory disk

Edit. I can now open bios but not advanced bios.
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    It sounds like your bios has eaten itself. Is there some kind of built in bios flash utility (like Gigabytes QFlash) on your laptop? If there is I suggest you go to your laptop manufacturers website and see if there is a download for the bios and try flashing it.

    Otherwise, you may have to send it in for repair...
  2. Reset everything to defaults in the BIOS
  3. I was hoping that i did not have to send it in for repair because i am on holiday right now and i wont get home until a few more months. And without my laptop that long is going to be hard. I have the Y500 lenovo laptop if that helps.

    I also got in to the windows 8 recovery disk thingi with my recovery CD. I tried Fixing it with that but i got an error with every single troubleshoot. The one where i tryed installing win8 with said i was missing a necessary unit partition.

    Thanks for the fast answer.

    I also tryed reset everything to default both with win8 settings and other OS settings
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