I5 3570k or fx-8350

I know that it's asked a lot but this is my question: What is the best CPU for these games: crysis 3, battlefield 3/4, metro 2033, metro last light, grand theft auto IV/V?
I5 3570k or fx-8350? And wich CPU is best future prepaired?
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    the fx8350 O.C es better than the i5 but the i5 is slightly better. Get the one which is cheaper i.e., 8350
  2. Hut wich onze Will be beter in THE future?
  3. Well for starters have you checked these links?,3106-4.html,3427.html

    The FX 8350 acording to the first article is equal to an i3 game wise. If you're not going to be over clocking your CPU then get an i5-3350P. You could also opt for the newer Haswell processors, although the IB chips will serve you well for a while.
  4. the 3350p is not going to be on my list because i want to overclock in the future.
  5. They are both good gaming CPUs. The 8-core will be better at heavily threaded apps and such besides gaming. But for strictly gaming, I'd pick the i5. It'll run cooler too. Both are O/C'able... so no issues there.
  6. As someone already pointed out, the best amd is as slow as a Intel i3. 3570k is better. I, myself am going for the newer 4570 cpu. I would assume the other motherboards will phase out, while the newer ones (haswell) will continue to have cpus for it in the future.
  7. why is the haswell better than ivy?
  8. the haswell is not a huge improvement over the ivy. go with the 8350 if u want to O.C more otherwise go with the 3570k, it run's cooler and better. Final-3570k due to better cooling and slight edge in performance
  9. If this isn't a pre-built PC, Look into the Haswell and 1150 socket MB. As mentioned above, the 1155 socket is another Intel dead end.
  10. i think it's a pre-built. although 1155 sockets are dead but still the 3570k si good in my opinion.
  11. so it's better to go with haswell to be prepaired for the future.yes?
  12. I'm not sure if broadwell will come to 1150 though.
  13. snelleneddy3 said:
    so it's better to go with haswell to be prepaired for the future.yes?

    If you're after a platform that will have some new processors made for it in the future, yes. I seriously doubt Intel will make anything new for the 1155 socket anymore. But both IB and HW are top notch gaming processors.

    Likewise, the AM3+ socket is still alive and kicking too. At least as of last report.
  14. snelleneddy3 said:
    so it's better to go with haswell to be prepaired for the future.yes?

    well to be future proofed, get the haswell. It's worth the money and i think the 1150 will last quite long and u would be able to upgrade while using the same mobo.
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