CPU doesn't go back to idle temp, core temps are jumping around

The idle temp is always about 40°c (35°c now after adjusting my vertical CPU fans). But for the past few days, upon playing Skyrim for a while then quitting, the idle temp stays around 50°c until I restart my PC. At the same time, all 4 of my CPU cores jump around between 40° to 50°c.

I use ClickBIOS II in windows and AIDA64 to view these temps so I know they're accurate. All my hardware except the drives are about half a year old now. I had not made any recent hardware or BIOS changes and my tower is still in the same place as before. The CPU and system fans are working fine and are able to keep the system at a safe temperature on full load (at least). My system and BIOS is up to date. When my system is at the normal and correct idle temp, and I put my system on full load via AIDA64, the system goes back to the normal idle temp. But this isn't so when it's idle on 50°c. I don't know if any other games do this but I'll test it. Simply starting a game and have it running for a few minutes doesn't cause this. Skyrim was running for several hours when this would occur.

I'm not sure what the issue could be. The system fan is a tad louder and the air blowing from it does feel warmer so I don't doubt my CPU is working harder at that point. A few days ago, I did install a skyrim mod that's supposed to be a "GPU Upgrade" but I removed it (I think) because I didn't really need it and it actually seemed to be counter-effective. But it still should be having any effect while the game isn't running. Here's the link to that:


CPU: Intel Core i7-3770k
Mobo: msi B75MA-P45
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 650
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    What's the load on the processor? A temperature without a load is only part of the story. :-) Open up the Windows Task Manager or something, and look at the CPU utilization. When you're experiencing the high temperatures, you're probably also experiencing high loading of one or more cores.
  2. Ah thank you! I forgot I could check to see what's hogging the CPU and it turns out it's the AppleMobileDeviceService.exe at about 15%. There are others online who report this as a problem as well. Weird, I guess the game was just a coincidence.
  3. More than welcome, and I'm glad I was able to send you in the right direction. :-)
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