Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 3gb questions

I am new to the world of PC gaming, and I have recently built a rig with my GPU being a Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 with 3gb of memory. I have a few questions:

1- How can I overclock it? My main concern is that I do not have the edge over my opponents with stock clock settings. I don't understand voltages too much, so if someone can tell me what settings to put in MSI Afterburner, that would be great.

2- Why is my FPS so unstable? I primarily play the DayZ mod for Arma II, and I notice that my FPS fluctuates a lot. Is there a way to fix it?

3- When I open up MSI Afterburner, it says my driver version is, and my catalyst is 13.4; are these the most recent driver versions?


How can I overclock my processor (i5-4670k) on an ASUS z87-A? I cannot seem to find this information anywhere. I am not looking to get extreme results; I only want to go to around 4 ghz from the stock 3.4 ghz.

Sorry if I messed up any terminology or confused anything/anyone. If anyone can help me do these things it would be great. Thanks for reading.
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  1. 1. You have MSI afterburner already so simply start adding core speed and test in your favorite game, Then do the same for memory clock. usually 1500 is the max for most 7970 memory.
    2. Not sure about Arma.. Not game i play
    3. Cat 13.4 i believe is the newest non beta
    4. For overclocking your 4670K. Easiest way is go into the bios and set your cpu multiplier of all cores to 40 and reboot. At that speed you dont need to make any other changes
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    1. for your gpu overclock if you dont want to touch voltages then adjust core clock to 1000-1030. i can hit 1010 on stock voltage with my card. all gpus are different, but if you dont mind messing with voltages then adjust the core clock to 1125, and voltage to 1200. some people can get more core clock with that voltage, some people see artifacts and have to decrease core clock. As for memory i can be no real help, my 7950's ram is horrendous at overclocking so i leave it stock.

    2. turn on vsync, if you are getting low frames then turn down the settings.

    3. what intel god said

    4. what intel god said

    Also to test your gpu overclocks i use a combination of software. I start out with a quick run of furmark, to see quickly whether or not its extremely unstable. Then i move on to MSI Kombuster and run a quick benchmark there. For the final test i run either heaven benchmark, or valley benchmark completely max. Make sure your temps dont get above 85C (Thats the max amd says your card should get). I have a reference cooler and my temp with furmark gets up to 90C, however if i am in lets say BF3 the max temps is 71C. To test your cpu stability use Prime95 and run a small fft test for a while. with a small OC like you want on your CPU that shouldnt be a problem, but its good to be sure.
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