Lite On Dvd Drive won't work....Says installed correctly

Here is my Dvd Burner:

I can't burn anything though....By all accounts it looks installed....In Devices it says its working, Driver is up to date......It Opens and Closes.....

I'm stumped as to why I cant burn anytyhing.....

Here are my Comp Specs:
CPU: AMD Phemon II X4 955 @ 3.2Ghz
Motherboard: Asrock Extreme3 870 w/ Sata3 and USB 3.0
Power Supply: Cooler Master Silent Pro M600 Modular
RAM: Corsair XMS3 6gb DDR3 1333
HDD: Western Digital Caviar Black 640gb SATA 6.0gb/s
OS: Windows 7 64bit Ultimate

I basically want to take .ISO files and burn them as Dvd's. IMGburn shows the drive but always says "Media Not Present"....Windows shows it.....but I can't get it to work!
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  1. alcohol 120.......... makes good iso's.
  2. Try updating the mb chipset driver to see if it old or damaged. Check the drive firmware to see if a media issue. Will the drive show a reg cd and DVD as in the drive???
  3. You mean go to my Motherboard Website and download the latest driver???
    I cant seem to find the proper Firmware update....
    Any suggestions?
  4. did you try setting the write speed?

    did you uninstall from device manager and reboot?
  5. I just updated the Firmware.....Still nothing!!!!
    I'm not sure how to select a write speed as there are no options to "Open It" or set options.....

    I got this computer from a friend.....No Original Disks......If I uninstall it am I screwed? Will windows try and fix it at startup?
  6. yes, windows will see it and install drivers. that's the reason I suggested it.
  7. Do you have any virtual drive on the system(e.g. Daemon tools) ? If so then select the physical drive to burn your .ISO's.
  8. No Virtual System that I know of.....
    I'm not recieving any Error Codes.....It just doesn't work.

    It wont even read a burned dvd......
    I'm going to try an uninstall and go from there!
  9. I just uninstalled the driver...Rebooted. Windows reinstalled. Says the drive is ready to use....
    Put in a blank cd and nothing...blank dvd nothing. Burned Dvd nothing....

    So frustrating =) Everywhere I look it shows me it's installed....I can tel the computer to open/close the tray.....
  10. did it ever occur to you that that used machine may have parts that don't work like they should? maybe a trip to BB or mail order a $20 reader/writer will do the trick?
  11. Im starting to think its a possibility. I assumed because windows shows the drive and I can open and close it, it should work.

    I have a USB External Recorder that is good but I prefer to use an internal one.....
    I know drives are super cheap, I'm just worried I will screw everything up by installing a new one!
  12. Interesting......
    I switched over to a Different Media Type (CD-R Verbatium)and instantly it asked me if I wanted to burn a cd!!!!

    Is it possible that my Drive hates the Memorex Media I'm using?
  13. all you have to do is swap a sata cable and a power cable ( see what's attached to the back of it now )...... remove 4 screws and pull the drive. reinstall new drive/put back the 4 screws/hook up power/reboot/let windows find drive......... voila.

    don't let it intimidate you. computers are simple.
  14. Memorex CDR media is the worst.Their DVD and Blu-ray media is good.
  15. Well Its 50% fixed.....
    Verbatium Cd-R no Problem.....

    I tried loading a burned DVD thats verbatium and it didn't read it.....
    I'm just stumped honestly......

    The Microsoft Fix it tool didn't see any errors other than "There is no media present"
  16. Best answer
    I think your going to need a new drive.
  17. Yes I agree.....Luckily, I have that External Recorder for now...
    Thanks for everyone's help!!!!
  18. Your welcome.
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