sceptre tv screen wont turn on

sceptre 32'' lcd hdtv
for a while i had the issue of the screen not turning on
the blue light indicating that the tv is on still functions
but the screen stays off as if it is not receiving any power
this has been going on for a while
in the past i would just unplug, then replug the power cord a few times then it would work like normal
i dont understand why now, all of a sudden, (it was working last night) this doesnt work any more
any solutions/tips?
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    It's almost certain that your TV is now dead.

    The way it failed is actually quite classic. Often a device will start having issues due to a component that is starting to fail, then finally it fails completely.

    My advice for a replacement would be a SONY or Samsung with a 1920x1080 screen (not 1366x768) and at least two HDMI inputs.
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