Computer randomly slows down when opening basic applications even after a fresh windows install and formatting of the hdd

In December i built a gaming PC, after about 7 months i started having issues in game where my PC would crash and all the fans would spin extremely fast then stop. I thought i had a virus on my PC, even though Norton showed nothing. So i formatted my HDD and did a fresh install of windows. All my issues were fixed for about a week then all of a sudden my PC started to experience severe lag when playing all games, they would run but then ended up freezing my computer. I also began to experience severe slowdown when running any application, like browsers, media players, etc. I'm not sure whats wrong i completed a memory diagnostic and nothing came up i re installed windows again and the problem continues, when i shutdown my PC it takes 5 mins to turn off sometimes. Also before the fresh install of windows my BIOS was running extremely slow as well and i had to restart my PC 3 times to get it to work. After all this i came to the conclusion that either my CPU is faulty or my motherboard is. What do you think??? what other information do you need???

Im running a
GTX 660
ASRock Z75 Pro3 Motherboard
8gb 4x2 gskill ram
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  1. You may be having more then one issue with your pc. For the game crashes and shut down could be the gpu running hot or weak power supply. A lot of gpu need programs that you can set a fan profile. Most gpu vendor have there cards bios and fan driver default to 30-40 percent...under heavy game loads sometime that fan speed can't keep up with the heat. On windows running slow run hdtune and read your hard drive smart info for any warning and run hd vendor test tools. If your hard drive looks fine try running memtest.
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    I like smorizio's suggestions. also could Re-flash latest BOIS Pro3&o=BIOS or/and re-set the CMOS jumper or pop the battery.
  3. What PSU are you running, it's not listed in the specs?
    - Normally people having these issues are using SLI or Crossfire and have a dying PSU.
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