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In looking at the Asus Sabertooth motherboards, the Z87 and the Z77 I see these list only up to 1866 for DRAM compatibility. Is this a limitation of these motherboards with the way they interface with the CPU? The other motherboards all seem to show compatibility with much higher speed memory
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    No idea why they are adverised that way but have used 2133 on the Z77 and 2400 on the Z87 with no problems, well 32GB in the Z77, most I've stuck in a Z87 was 16GB of 2400 (2x8GB)
  2. The QVL lists and the specifications of the Motherboards are usually not complete and when it comes to memory you can always put in amounts and types that are not listed. They only list what they tested. Since the memory controller is on the CPU with Intel it's up to the CPU what is acceptable and the motherboard will take what the CPU allows.
  3. Sad thing about QVLs is they are basically worthless, would be better with a list of DRAM that didn't work...when they 'TEST' they just use whatever is around (you might see sets that have long been out of production, three stick sets on dual channel mobos, etc) and the worst part is the 'TEST' at the mobos default of normally 1333 and now occasionally 1600, not at a set of sticks spec hey, I want these 2400 sticks on the QVL - well...they work fine at 1333, see more in my info thread here:
  4. Thank you both for your information
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