Best Graphics Card w/ Compatibility with my comp? Under $100 If Possible!

As far as computer parts knowledge goes, im at the bottom of the food chain. I have an alright PC, but would definitely like a boost to FPS/Settings in games I have/can get in the future.

Current Specs: Dell Inspiron 660s

Intel Pentium CPU G645 @ 2.90 GHz, 2.90 GHz

6 GB Ram

Intel HD Graphics Card

220 Watt Power Supply

Dont know much else than that, any help would be appreciated!
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  2. AMD Radeon said:

    I agree with the psu but I think that the 7770 would be a better fit and its on sale at tiger direct for 75 right now
  3. Sadly, the PSU of this case can't be swapped for an ATX or a SFX PSU. You're pretty much stuck with that PSU. Due to its limited wattage and the case's limited clearance, only a single-slot half-height PCI-E card can be put in. The best ( and possibly the only ) candidate here is a slim HD7750 from Sapphire:

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