Can someone look over this $750 build

After I built my gaming pc my kids decided that they wanted there own pc (family of gamers). The budget is 750-780 usd (have to build 4) and needed some input on this build. The build is as follows:
Case: fractal design core 3000 free (they seemed to like this case so I bought 4)
Cpu: fx 6300 119.99
mobo: asrock 970 extreme 4 99.99
Ram: crucial ballistixs 8gb (2x4gb) 74.99
Psu: seasonic 850w m12ll ss-850am 129.99 (overkill but plenty of headroom)
Hdd: wd blue 1tb 7200rpm 69.99
Drive: samsung black sata dvd drive 16.99
Graphics: Asus gtx 760 2gb 259.99

Total cost per system: 771.93

All parts listed are from newegg but will order from amazon to save money on shipping. Thought these parts would work good as a starter system. They all have monitors (1920x1080), keyboard, mouse, os, and speakers. Gtx 760 should last awhile (almost had a heart attack when they said they wanted sli 780s).850w psu is overkill but its there if they want to upgrade.Just need some input on this build before I order the parts and any improvements would be appreciated.
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    GPU : Get this 7950, it is a better card for 10 dollars cheaper :

    HDD : Get this Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD and save 10 dollars :

    PSU : Get this power supply which is like 25 dollars cheaper and better, you do not really need a 850W PSU, you won't even use half the power of it. And this corsair PSU is also 80 Plus Gold Certified, so it would be way better :

    RAM : Get this RAM, it is better and 15 dollars cheaper :

    So total money saved : 10+10+25+15 = 50 dollars

    These were changed because it was no use getting these parts. Instead get the one i suggested, you would be happier, i guarentee you that.
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