Is 1.6v okay for a 8gb 1600mhz ram?

I've been messing around with my cpu, OCing and such, and I need to make sure my ram are stable. The question is basically in the title, but the ram itself runs, or so the label says, at 1.35v. I increased it to 1.6v. Is this okay as I am staying under the threshold of 1.65? Or should I down volt it to 1.5 to be on the safe side?

Thanks in advance!
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    Why would you want it at 1.6? Normally I suggest keeping DRAM to within +0.20 of spec, with low voltage 1.35 that would be 1.55, (though actually according to JEDEC, the sticks have to be able to run 1.5, so with low voltage 1.6 would be the max....but at 1600 can't understand any reason for 1.6, it's not going to improve your performance, all you are doing is creating heat....what stick, sticks do you have?
  2. generally intel cpus shouldn't be paired with ram running over 1.55V anyway... do you have an intel system?
  3. Thanks for replying guys.

    I got these free ram after ordering my MB. Yes it is an intel system, I've been OCing my 2500k. Currently at 4.5

    So you guys suggest I down volt it to 1.55?

    EDIT: I set it to 1.5, let me know your guys opinion. I'm off to bed and while prime 95!
  4. Intel CPUs run fine with 1.65volt RAM, they even have XMP and Turbo modes in most BIOS's that enable this 'by default' (hidden from the end user).

    If it says 1.3 volts then use 1.3 volts unless you are overclocking the RAM itself (never recommended, just run it at it's rated speed).
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