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i was wonderind that which graphic card from these 2 (radeon hd 7750 and gtx650) will be a good choice for my pci-e1.1 mobo (intel dg41rq) ....i think nvidia i good when it comes to pci_e version compatiblity....but power draw is also an issue for me as i"ve a generic 450 watts psu (supercomp sep500) having 12V=25a is this sufficient for the nvidia card
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    Both cards support pci-e 1.1 slot ( what you've read about AMD card not supporting that is wrong, just check the comments in that topic ). Also, both of them have pretty much the same performance and power consumption ( gtx650 models often have an extra 6pin power connector, which do nothing since the card barely needs extra power even with OC kicked in ). So just pick whatever is cheaper.
  2. I would get a new forum username account , you will be spammed with that one.
  3. well i've heard it from many users that have ran hd 7750 perfectly in the motherboards having g41 chipset like i have ...they all told me that 7750 doesn't have problems with the g31 and above chipsets they all have other brands motherboards like gigabyte g41 or digilite g41 ...i've an intel dg41 rq .does this brands can change the compatiblity games or it doesn't matter from brand to brand and just needs a g41 chipset .well i can't waste money on a graphic card that won't be compatible with my pc motherboard.
  4. I've purchased an asus amd radeon hd 7750 1 gd5-v2 and its working flawlessly without any compatiblity issues ...and its working on my pci-e 1.1*16 mobo (intel dg41rq) and with my generic and cheap quality psu without any problems.
  5. Glad to hear!
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