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Hey all, I've got family in-town and we've been playing Borderlands 2 on both of my computers. After a few hours of play what I have been suspecting for quite a while has been proven true; my secondary computer desperately needs a SSD (particularly when trying to keep up with my main).

First Question - Entry Level SSD Suggestions
Currently my main PC is running an OCZ Vertex 3 120GB SSD, and I completely love the speed and reliability it offers for gaming, video editing and graphic design. What I need for my second computer is a 120GB(ish) entry-level drive (between $90-$120) that will offer me a similar experience.

Right now (on Borderlands 2) My main can Save/Quit and Continue (for farming) and be completely clear the load screen in less than 5 seconds while my second takes nearly a full minute to accomplish the same task and even longer to finish loading textures, I'd love to even it out somewhat.

Second Question - Quick and Reliable Install
I'd really like some advice on how to most quickly and efficiently install this so I can get back to gaming with my brother. I'm prepared to install Windows 7-64 onto it and boot from the SSD but I'm unsure of the mechanics of reusing the pre-existing data on my HDD (is it even possible?)

I'm also unsure if there is anyway to make an image of (or whatever the term for clone/copy is) a portion of the drive (as I won't have nearly enough space on the new SSD. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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  1. After a little more research I'm leaning heavily towards the Samsung 840 Series. Now I've just got to figure out how to quickly get my system up and running once I get the SSD.
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    Samsung 840 Series < Great reliable SSD and has been tested and shown to have 3x the lifespan advertised.

    Backup all important data , and do a clean install of windows onto the SSD , don't have the HDD attached while doing this , make sure install is done in AHCI mode.
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  4. So, assuming I really only need the OS, Photoshop and several games on the new SSD will all of the other junk I already have installed on the HDD (MSO, Browsers, Steam, etc) sill function correctly if I'm not booting from that drive or will I have to re-install everything and adjust all of my settings and what not again?
  5. I would reinstall all Apps as some won't work correctly.
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