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I want to totally block a specific PC on my network from accessing the PC I'm on now as I use it for websites I don't trust and don't want anything nasty to spread across my network.

Both always has the same IP and I've blocked the 'dirty' IP in Windows Firewall on the 'clean' PC from accessing any programs, services or ports.

I can still access File & Printer shares on the 'clean' PC using the 'dirty' one though.

What is going on? For all the talk of Windows Firewall being alright these days it doesn't seem to be able to do the basic of things correctly. MS documentation says that a block rule always has priority over an allow rule.


Edit: I posted a similar question yesterday however I wasn't logged in and when I logged in after typing the message it didn't seem to actually post it. If I did and I just can't see it I apologize and would be grateful if it could be deleted.
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  1. Oh well I feel like a mad man now. Thanks Microsoft. If anyone has any ideas but is thinking I've not got my rules set properly maybe I can upload some screen shots.

    As it stand's I'm just going to get another hardware firewall and use that in between my good pc and the rest of the network.
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