WD3200BEVT-60ZCT1 Blue Scorpio HDD Not Recognized and Not Spinning !

Hi everybody,

I recently had bad time while my laptop hdd stopped working. Sudden BSOD and then laptop does not boot and i receive the following error message:

Boot Device Not Found
Please install an operating system
Hard Disk (3F0)
F2 System Diagnostcs
for more information, please visit:

Hdd model is WD3200BEVT Blue Scorpio. More specifically WD3200BEVT-60ZCT1 Blue Scorpio. If slightly higher voltage than according to the Serial ATA (SATA) power connector pinout ( is applied, a sound is heard but it is not from the spinning of the platter. It is just a constant "electric" sound (pitch sound) just like the one you hear when your desktop is plugged in but not turned on. Thus, the hard disk is not spinning. You may hear this sound only if your ear is too close, nearly touching the case of the hdd.
I was wondering if i could give the hdd to my father who is a Power Electronics Electrical Engineer, so that he could swap pcb's or other components from another new identical hdd in order to recover the data, although this is not a procedure that he has done before, but this is something that happens in many cases in his job.
While reading on the internet critical questions arise, such as:

1) Do i have to order a WD3200BEVT hdd or specifically a WD3200BEVT-60ZCT1 hdd ? (Note: The PCB model is TOPSEARCH ts-m-8V01C sg 94v-0)

2) Is it true that logic board on hard drive is adapted to the head disk assembly it was manufactured with and so if you swap PCB from another WD drive even of the specific same model that your chances of success are close to zero ?
(Note: There is no U12 Rom on the PCB. It has Marvell 88I6745N-TFJ1 on it)

and most important

3) If you have to open the internal mechanical part of the Hdd like in this video (Hard Drive Head Replacement) or this (Swapping Platters) do you really have to wear gloves and mask, and make the procedure in a clean room class 100 (equivalent to ISO 5) or these specifications apply only to manufacturing assembling procedures when hdd are manufactured to be sold on first place?

I know there is a lot of discussion concerning the myth or reality of the necessity of a clean room. It is quite understandable that people who benefit from data recovery industry would like everyone to be terrified and think that the procedures they follow are extra terrestrial so that you go like a good boy and finally pay a lot of money for a process that in most cases does not even need to open the mechanical part of the hdd and therefore the existence of a clean room which is supposed to be necessary for proceeding with mechanical parts in contact with air, is not needed, even if we accept that it is a fact that it is needed if mechanical part is going to be disassembled. And this is also why 300dollardatarecovery are so successful.

Consider that i have plugged a new hdd and the laptop is now fine, so motherboard is ok.

Any enlightening is desired. Thank you all in anticipation.
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    1) Yes, since since the HDD firmware is usually customized for HP

    3) A clean room environment is needed since a dust particle is big enough to cause damage to the drive.
  2. Emerald said:
    1) Yes, since since the HDD firmware is usually customized for HP

    3) A clean room environment is needed since a dust particle is big enough to cause damage to the drive.

    Thank you for your response. By saying yes, i assume you mean the specific model WD3200BEVT-60ZCT1, including the same firmware type. Do i have to check something else also ? For example, do i have to check that the pcb number is the same (TOPSEARCH ts-m-8V01C sg 94v-0), DCM, LBA etc or will it be the same anyway or it doesn't matter?
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