What video card better : GeForce GTX 660 , HD 7850 or the that is installed in the PS4 ?

GTX 660:
GPU Cores: 960
80 Texture Units
24 Color ROP Units
Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec): 144 GB/s
Memory Interface Width: 192 bit GDDR5
Core Clock: 980-1033 Mhz
Memory Clock: 6.0 Gbps

HD 7850:
GPU Cores: 1024
64 Texture Units
32 Color ROP Units
Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec): 153 GB/s
Memory Interface Width: 256 bit GDDR5
Core Clock: 860MHz
Memory Clock: 4.8 Gbps

PS4 spec:
GPU Cores: 1152
Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec): 176 GB/s
Memory Interface Width: 256 bit GDDR5
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  1. honestly you can't say anything
    it will perform identical to the 7850
    just know that it doesn't matter A LOT, console gpu will be obsolete in 2-3 years which each new amd and nvidia series
    in 2 years time a low end card like a gtx 840 should perform identical to the hd 7850
    this is what happens in general so be happy with whatever you buy
    the gtx 660 is better here, however the gtx 760 has also been launched in the same price range
  2. ps4 gpu is slightly worst then the 7850.

    the gtx 660 is defiently better then both.
  3. You can't really compare a PC GPU to a Console GPU - they don't work in the same way and consoles are better optimised, so even though the console GPU might not be as powerful, it may still perform better.
  4. Best answer
    Between the 660 and the 7850, the 660 is the better card easily. As far as the PS4 GPU... it doesn't really warrant comparison. Games, OS, and a dozen other things are tailored specifically to work with that GPU and only that GPU.

    Aside from that, we don't know much of anything about the PS4's GPU. On the surface it looks to be roughly equivalent to a 7850, but it will probably achieve higher performance because of the software that's using it. Also, the performance will improve as console devs squeeze more and more juice out of it for the next few years through the life of the console.
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