windows 7 installed, and can't remove win 8 boot option

First off I am a tech for staples, and we had a computer come in that has windows 7 factory installed and at some point windows 8 was installed as a dual boot setup. The Compaq CQ5504F came in with loads of virues and addware, and to have the windows 8 install removed. All the virueses have been removed and works great, but when I go in to My Computer to format the win 8 partion it isn't there. So I reboot the PC and the try booting to the windows 8 option in there, but then to it it says the files are missing and to choose a different OS. The 1 partion is the whole the 500gb drive -the recovery drive. So then I need to Remove that boot option for 8, and I have no clue where to start.
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  1. nvm didn't realize that it was in msconfig. well you learn something new everyday.
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