Best Gaming Laptop For Under USD1000

I like Gaming Laptops Alot coz its portable, occupy less space and other advantages; although people say, they are inferior to Desktop PCs!!

But now, we've got laptops which can perform similar to Desktop PCs (or even better than D PCs).
Some of them are Asus G73 republic of gamers, Alienware M17x, Razor Blade, etc. But the problem is......,
they are Filthy EXPENSIVE.

I recently heard of a Brand name called 'SAGER'.!!
Do they really produce Great Laptops for amazin price??

I did alot of research, but cudnt find one for my Budget = less than USD1000.
If any of u guys can help me choose the perfect one for the price,
Thant wud be just Incredible.

Thanks Alot for any Help Provided :)
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  1. If you're willing to bump up the budget a bit, the Lenovo Y500 is a great laptop:
  2. realchaos said:
    If you're willing to bump up the budget a bit, the Lenovo Y500 is a great laptop:

    Thats too much, coz ive just got USD700 in hand, so collecting a few hundreds wont matter!!, but exceedin 1000?....
    Nah, i dont thinks so.....
    Cant afford it..
    Is there any Laptop Which is Quad core, n has atleast GTX650 or HD7770 gpu??.....under 1000dollars?
  3. Best answer
    First off, no laptop has a GTX 650 or HD 7770. Those are desktop gpus and laptop gpus are different.
    This is the best I could find you:

    Leaving everything at it's default set-up gets you an i7-4700m (quad core), 1080p display, a single gt 750m, 2x4gb of RAM and 750gb HDD for $920. You can also add an OS for an additional $80 to make it $1000 and add an extra $10 for 1tb HDD. You can look through all the options.
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