CPU Cooler upgrade? NH-D14 vs. h100i vs. h80i

The title says a lot about my issue, I need a new cooler. My question is however not a s the title states. It goes more like:
NH-D14 vs. h80i
and whatever wins is it worth getting the h100i instead?
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    H80i is the best choice u can controll the fans through corsairlink2 and it give atleast 20c less temps at cpu at max load i compared both results on an amd fx 8350 @ 4.2ghz
    And h100i is the best king of all in one coolers just add 2 more fans and u ll b on air it will give 25-30c less temps
    Go in wid h80i if its a constraint of bugdet
    But if u can spent so buy h100i
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