Do I need anything else (apart from os)to go online and play pc games?

Here are my specs -

CPU-Amd fx 6300 3.5/4.1 Ghz
GPU-2gb radeon 7850 direct cu 11
Motherboard-as rock 760g
Case-fractal design core 1000 series
Ram-2*4gb patriot ram
Hardrive-1tb western digital hard drive 7200rpm
Psu-corsair cx430
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  1. keyboard, mouse and monitor :)

    oh and optical drive if you're installing the games via CD
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    A PCI Express wireless card for connection to your internet, or an ethernet cable to plug into your motherboard if using wired connection. You'll also need an optical drive if you want to use game discs for installing new games. A mouse, keyboard and monitor is also handy!
  3. Thanks for the answer and are you sure I really NEED them?
  4. Hahaha
    And I think I'm just gonna download games
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