Gigabyte GTX 770 Windforce OC VS EVGA GTX 770 AXC Superclock

I'm trying to decide between these two cards. I don't know how to overclock, will try it out in the future. So which has a better overclock in general.


Also, on the gigabyte page. It says the core clock is 1137MHz (Std 1046MHz). What does the std mean? Standard? Does that mean it comes with 1046 or 1137. Sorry for this retarded question, just being sure.
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  1. I would go with the EVGA board. They are pretty much the same overclocked. And the temperature differences is very little. EVGA is top-quality with nvidia.
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    I have the gigabyte and it is excellent, go with whatever is cheapest, both are excellent.

    "1137MHz (Std 1046MHz)" - this means it is already overclocked in factory ( gigabyte OC (overclocked) ) to 1137MHz , the standard is at 1046 MHz (before overclock)
  3. Gigabyte windforce.....i have one and it's awesome...super fast
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