Conductive or non-conductive washers under standoffs?

I have never used washers before in a build but with my new case that's coming in the mail tomorrow (Fractal Design Define XL R2) people have problems mountings pci cards because some of them ship with standoffs that are too short.

Now, so I don't have that problem I bought some zinc coated steel washers, are these what I want or do I want cardboard? Some people say boards these days ground to the case (that's what I thought) some people say you still need to insulate your board from the standoffs. So metal or paper washers, what do you need to use?
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  1. Never had to use the washers for years and never had an issue with grounding.
  2. Hi

    Most mounting holes in motherboard have metallic ring round the hole
    No washer needed above or below the board .

    Optional star lock washer above board. (rarely seen now days)

    Good operation requires the motherboard to be grounded to case via the mounting pillars

    If there are holes without a metallic ring and there are copper traces on the motherboard near these holes a insulating washer on both sides can be used.

    This is a very rare occurense.

    Mike Barnes
  3. The reason I may need the washers is because the standoffs are too short and gpus and pci cards don't seat all the way down and then, are not recognized.
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