My computer keeps freezing

Hello, I have a very annoying problem that has happend a lot lately. My computer just randomly freezes, when I am playing games or just browsing the internet.

What happends is everything stops can't move my mouse, press any keys, sound cuts off. And I have to restart my PC and then it happends agian later. It only happends about once a day every singel day. I have been trying to find a fix for it but nothing have worked so far.

Here are my Computer specs:
CPU: Intel Core i7-2600K
GPU: Gigabyte GTX 560 Ti Overclocked
PSU: Corsair AX 850 W
RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR3 8 GB
Motherboard: ASUS P8Z68-V Pro socket-1155

All of my parts are 1 year old or less. This have only happend for the past month and never before
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    I had this same problem for a while, and it is a really difficult one to troubleshoot. My problem ended up being my video card was going bad, and it was an MSI 560ti. This in no way means that it is the same problem for you, because it really can be anything from hardware to software (but most likely hardware). You just have to start systematically ruling things out by swapping out parts and making sure all your drivers are up to date. I'd start with the drivers and OS updates, make sure your BIOS is up to date, and just generally make sure you have the latest patches for games and the like. Then if that doesn't solve the problem, I'd start trying different components starting with the GPU. An easy way to do that for you would be to remove your 560 and run on integrated for a few days see if it still locks up, but make sure to remove the drivers for your card as well. Next I would reseat your RAM and do a memtest on it, or try it in different slots. You can also try to reseat your CPU, though I doubt that is the problem, it is good to rule it out. And last if you have a different power supply I'd try that. Do it all one at a time so when you stop having issues you know what the problem is. It may take a while and be a pain in the ass but there really is no other way to diagnose an issue like this.

    If I haven't been clear or you need more explanation on anything just ask, I'll be happy to go into more detail :-)
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