Busted PCI-E Slot?? Need confirmation...

Hi there, this is my first post here but Tom's Hardware has been helping me alot this past few years.

Here's my problem:
Computer turned off without any good reason and failed to turn on again, I re-seat all peripherals but that didn't help. Then I removed the AX3650 Graphics Card and the computer turned on (now using on-board video).

Whenever I place the AX3650 back, computer failed to power on, it gives the CPU fan a slight movement before it dies. So, I replace the Display card with a known working Nvidia GT220 and another ATI AX3650, neither of them are having issues when the computer started to boot and show the desktop.

When I place the VGA Cable to the card (from on-board display), it only gives a black screen. Both cards are behaving the same way.

Checked Device Manager and only showing "/!\ Video Controller (VGA Compatible) ", installing the drivers for both Hardware didn't solve the problem.

Does this mean I have a busted PCI-E Slot? I'm running out of ideas to fix the problem. Please advise.

More power!~

BTW, I'm usin ASUS P5G41T-MLX MoBo.
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  1. Do you have or can you borrow another video card or more so a another PSU you can test with, if we can eliminate one or both of those then we can look closer at the mobo - in this type of deal it's oftent he PSU starting to go south
  2. I've used 2 known working Video Cards, but both or them are doing the same thing. Black screen. Btw, the 2 other display cards are from my 2 other computer, so I know that they work.

    Display works when I use the on-board graphics.
  3. Doesn't sound good, may be a dead slot
  4. I'm thinking so too. Anyone have another suggestions??
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    Could reset CMOS to defaults, but wouldn't have a lot of hope (some but not a lot :( )
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