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hey guys i used pcpart picker to put together a rough list of parts i wanted to put into a system i want to build. the price i still a little bit high so could you make suggestions on what to exchange, where bottlenecks might be and pretty much how to make it better? thanks!
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  1. your build doesnt make sense when you have a chipset that wont overclock, yet you have a k series CPU

    heres what i would get
  2. it's better to get higher Frequency Ram ( 1600 would be a good idea )
  3. to cut the cost down, does the ssd help a lot or can it be disregarded?
  4. my build costs 50 bucks less than yours yet it performs better

    cutting the SSD is like shooting yourself in the foot to your pc's speed
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    That BiggTrolls build is not so good as it seems.
    You can do better cheaper
    First cooler. this is same price and better:
    Only one fan so it is silent. Overclocks the 4670k really good. That do bot overclock so well anyway because intel is using shit thermal paste in CPU. CM 212 EVO is cheaper cpu cooler.

    With B and H mobo by asrock you can overclock the 4670k and 3770k so if you want to save take asrock mobo.

    7970 is bit overkill for 22" monitor. For 1080p.
    GTX 760 is new and better choice.Cheaper If you take this then you can drop the PSU for 450w.
    Then buy a good quality PSU for 65 $ like this:

    Other good case is fractal. look them too. and bitfenix.

    I think you can maybe fit in your budget 23- 24" monitor look a good 120-144Hz monitors. Or IPS

    your build doesnt make sense when you have a chipset that wont overclock, yet you have a k series CPU

    chipset is right mobo just wrong brand.
  6. -im sorry i ruin your party but your cooler cools about as well as mine. really doesnt matter which one you pick. id personally prefer something that looks a little better. the one vs 2 fan argument is a joke. forget it

    a 7970 in no way is overkill for 1080p. i dont know what you have been reading but i can assure you that your source is wrong. a 760 is a great bang for the buck, but it wont provide the same performance a 7970 will provide when you crank up the AA

    nope. if you think you can overclock on a borderline vrm assembly and call it safe, then go running around and say that you can overclock on a h series board
  7. Sorry to say this but your arguments are joke. That cooler is better in all aspeckts you can think of.
    With that cooler you can use any memory. High or Low profile. So just that makes it better.
  8. please list everything that is better about the noctua.
  9. So you cant read the tread?
    You need then go look tests of that cooler now do you..
    maybe you better read this?

    I think that is better working with just one fan.
    And here:

    Copy of that test: "The Noctua NH-U12S simply blows me away when it comes to noise levels. At lower fan speeds, this cooler will be impossible to hear over other parts in the average user's case. This cooler is insanely quiet in its default single-fan setup. Noise levels are extremely low even with a second fan. Users can, should they be able to justify the price of a second Noctua fan, look forward to great cooling at nearly silent noise levels. "
  10. so, suddenly 3c and 3dba make a huge difference eh? fair enough it performs better, but 3c is not going to make any difference when you overclock to the max (a 87c and a 90c CPU will not make or break a overclock) nor is 3dba going to be a lot louder
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