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lag spike in explosion even on youtube videos?

Hi all:

I have sometimes experience lag spike in games whenever i have not play a game and suddenly playing it, or when playing the part with sudden large explosion for the first time(again, doesn't happen whenever that is the case, just occassionally)

but i've also noticed that, even in youtube videos , i would have these spikes, it's not the video because when i rewind and watch again the spike wouldn't be there, is this normal?

ps: it's funny because whenever i use my school's computer for youtube videos (ONLY after i've done all the homework and studying :) )
, they never have these problem despite having a much lower specs than my system.

my spec:

cpu i5 3570k
gpu xfx 7950 double d
16 gb ram
harddrive : seagate 7200rpm 3 tb

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    That is because of your internet connection, it is probably weak and therefore causing slow buffering. Your school probably have a better internet connection.
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