850€ gaming build - suggestions

I've always had weak laptops and I've been gaming at the lowest settings with low framerates. So I decided to save some money and get a decent gaming pc.

This is my first homebuilt desktop pc, and it will be for gaming only.

I've been building this pc with the help of you guys in the forum and this is what I've come up with: Build in the comments

What do you think? Can it get any better in gaming performance (that's the only thing I care) ? I can only buy from this store and I'll maybe order it today.

Feel free to leave your commentaries and suggestions.



Translation of the menu:

cpus - processadores
mobo - motherboards
ram - memórias
hdd - discos rígidos
gpus - placas gráficas
optical - drives
psu - fontes (caixas e fontes)
case - caixas (caixas e fontes)
mouse - ratos (ratos e teclados)
keyboard - teclados (ratos e teclados)
monitor - monitores

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  1. check the link buddy , ( O seu carrinho de compras encontra-se vazio )

    can you copy/past the components ?
  2. KareemGT said:
    check the link buddy , ( O seu carrinho de compras encontra-se vazio )

    can you copy/past the components ?

    Oh sorry. I thought it worked.

    Here it is:

    Intel Core i5-3470 3.2GHz (3.6GHz Turbo) 6MB BOX
    € 177.9

    Asus P8B75-M LX Intel B75 SK1155
    € 61.5

    2 x Crucial DDR3 4096MB 1600Mhz
    2 x € 26.9

    Seagate Barracuda 500GB SATAIII 16MB (6GB/s)
    € 49.5

    € 265.9

    Samsung DVD±RW 24X Dual Layer Black Bulk Sata - SH-224BB
    € 18.5

    XFX Core Edition PSU PRO 550W
    € 59.9

    Cooler Master K280 - USB 3.0
    € 33.9

    1Life gm:stormy gaming mouse
    € 9.5

    A4Tech Teclado Rectro-Iluminado KD-800L
    € 22.5

    HP Monitor LED 2211X FullHD 5ms
    € 109.9

    Total: € 862.8
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    Buddy add some extra cash and get I5-3570k it's better than that one for extra € 20 .

    btw the Case is not that good with this beast system , you should go for the HAF 912 , it's way better than the K 280 .

    that RAM is low profile , not for gaming , go for corsair vengeance 8 GB , G skill ... if you want better performance .

    where is the CPU cooler ?? do you have one ?
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