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Anyhow, I've got a Lian Li A70F tower now for my main PC. It's nothing groundbreaking - - I'm still running an i7 930 OCed to 4.09 with a Noctua NH-D14. Now, I like to keep all of my media in my main machine instead of just getting a NAS box. Why? Because even if I had a NAS, or equivalent, I'd still want at least a serviceable desktop build for 1920x1080p gaming. (Modded Skyrim is probably the most taxing thing I'd be running.) It's just easier and cheaper to upgrade than a laptop. So I figured why not just keep it all in one box?

This leads me to looking ahead. My next build will probably be IB or Haswell. I currently have a 256 GB Vertex 4, and four storage HDDs (2x 1TB WD Black, 1x 2TB WD Green, 1x Seagate 4TB). I intend on replacing the smaller drives with 4TB, and possibly getting more.

My question: How feasible would it be to find a case which can comfortably and properly cool 4-6 HDDs, the SSD, 1-2 GPUs, and an ATX mobo for either air OR water. My thoughts are, and correct me if I am wrong, I could probably get a successful air build with moderate OCing in a mid tower like the Corsair 600T or 650D. BUT, if I wanted to get some really excellent water cooling, bump up to 1440p, and really keep things quiet (and not fill every inch of the case with hard drives for airflow purposes), would it be smarter to go bigger and get an 800D, or even the 900D.

Assume cost is not a factor, strictly case performance. How much is "too much" to try and cram into a mid size tower before it's just too crowded and hot? Can I get to 1440p in a mid size tower? If so, can I do it with 8 hard drives, converting the 5.25 bays with adapters? Any recommendations beyond Corsair? (HAF X, NZXT Switch, etc.) Assume I can buy additional fans and/or radiators as required, and that this is the upper echelon of insanity I could approach -
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    If the air does not get enough space to move in, circulate and out, there is no point installing many fans. Your build demands for a tower case for proper installation of all the components and sufficient airflow.

    Better get a 900D.
  2. That's what I was thinking.. I just really like the look of the 650 and 600. Heh.
  3. U hav a very demanding piece of hardware there...go with option that offers max cooling. :)
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