pc boots to INTEL Screen then shuts down

im going to repost this, my computer fell on the ground yesterday, and when i tried to turn it back on, it started , then imeediatly shut down, i found a couple cables that needed to be reconnected, but still , was doing the same thing? i thought it maybe the psu, But i put another psu into the same computer, and still the same thing. any ideas?
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  1. overheating, dead ram, bad motherboard, dead bios... just to list a few.

    start with checking your cpu heatsink/fan, thats about enough time for a cpu to overheat and be shut down.
  2. Would help to know what you have have, sorry, but for all we know you're on a Commodore 64 with an Intel logo pasted in
  3. Drop PC = DEAD PC. Parts are broken, time to buy a new computer.
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    With nothing to work with, I suggest you bench it and troubleshoot, have a guide I wrote here:
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