Best Video Card under 70$(preferably)

Would you guys get add an extra 20$ for a much better GPU? I am wondering.. So I guess the best GPU under 100$ but list multiple GPUs so I have space to pick one. Well I am building a computer and I have a AMD FX 8320 with a 970 g43 I think motherboard and a Cooler Master TC102 case with 500w PSU. I will also consider Crossfire/Sli in my setup as long as it is under 100$. If you recommend Sli/Crossfire please inclide a graphics card and put in a benchmark. Please include the benchmark score for the card and I would want the benchmark to be from Thanks in advance and happy answering!! :D
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  1. Smallest card for low resolution gaming would be the HD6670 GDDR5, NOT the DDR3 version as on the list above.
    If you have an 1080p monitor, then you need at least a GTX650ti or HD7790.
  2. but if you spend for the gddr5 card then shouldn't you just get the next card on the list the HD 7750. they are within five bucks of each other and you get 2 gigs of gddr5. you can play at 1080p just at low settings.

    the gddr5 version you recommended does not seem like a good deal. what do you recommend under 70 bucks and under 100 bucks
    I would say the 2 on the list are pretty hard to beat. plese let me know if I am wrong
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    Well after rebate there is one for 69$... So yeah...

    The cheapest HD7750 is 79$ after rebate, so I guess its up to your budget.
  4. that is true with rebates. I would take the xfx but i do not trust them for rebates. asus maybe one of the few companies that have been good to me with rebates
  5. If it's any help. I bought an XFX 7970 DD Edition and was successful rebating it.
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