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Looking to build a dedicated game server. Budget is about than 400 dollars may increase if necessary. I have like 5mbps upload (can upgrade if necessary). I plan on hosting a Minecraft (about 50 slots; this might not happen tho), GMOD (24 slots), TF2 (24-32 slots), and CSS (24-32 slots) server. Probably would like to expand the box later if this works out. What parts should I pick? Excluding mouse/keyboard/monitor, pretty much just the case and stuff inside it. Which Linux version should I get?
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    Overkill but fits the budget. For 24/7 usage I would pick up a TX/HX PSU.
  2. How many watts do you reckon I should get?
  3. 400 or more. this build won't drain a lot of power.
  4. Should I upgrade my upload speed? I've got 5 mbps

    Also what cooling should I get?
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    If possible, I would try and upgrade your speeds at least a bit more. 5 MBPS isn't blazingly fast.

    As for fans, load up! You want the build running cool. Corsair has some good A series fans you should look into.
  6. Thanks so much!
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