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So, I put together a gaming with pretty decent specs. The problem is I seem to having an issue with a bottleneck somwehere. I have a ASRock N68C-S UCC Motherboard with a eVGA GTX 570 1280MB Overlocked to 900Mhz/2100 in the Pci Express x16 slot. I previously had the GTX 460 but bought the 570 to get rid of lag..didn't work. I see no change from the GTX 460 to the GTX 570 beside more fluidity. The power supply is a Thermaltake 600W with dual 6 pin pci express connectors (One 6 pin and one 6+2pin on the same cable) which are both plugged into the 570. The processor is what I think to be the issue but decided to ask the intelligence here. It's an AMD Athlon 2 x4 620. It's stock is 4 cores at 2.6GHz but i have it overclocked to 4 cores at 3.2GHz. My problem is when i'm playing certain games have major FPS drops when i look out over a large Distance. Far Cry 3 runs to perfection and so does Battlefield 3. GTA4 has slight FPS drops but it's rare, as does Skyrim. my biggest problems with drops are Splinter Cell Conviction and Assasins Creed 3.
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  1. Heard a lot of people complain about skyrim your cpu and gpu is on the older side of things with the newer games but not by a lot on the amd aspects of things what kind of ram have you got installed?
  2. johnnyb105 said:
    Heard a lot of people complain about skyrim your cpu and gpu is on the older side of things with the newer games but not by a lot on the amd aspects of things what kind of ram have you got installed?

    A GTX 570 Old? :\ That sucks i just dropped $240 on that thing. It was recommended to me by some gurus on another forum and i have 8 GB DDR3 ram and running Windows 8 64 bit OS. When i run Tomb Raider at 1080p with high settings and AA it gets up to about 65-75 fps constant. It's just those few games.
  3. Oh I didn't mean outdated but you have to realize its a few cards ago nivida is up to like a 780 now and radeon is like 7970 or higher didn't mean and pun towards your system my oldest system still running a p 2 920 at 2.8 ghz and still very capable of doing everything but we are talking high end gaming. as vid cards get smaller die shrinks and cpu as well they tend to get more efficient and powerful over time same as the gpu.
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    It's your CPU that is holding you back in my opinion. Assassin's Creed 3 is poorly optimized and poorly threaded. It only uses two CPU threads. In your case those two CPU threads are from an AMD Athlon II X4 620 which, due to the poor optimizations, suffers greatly.

    PS. Your GTX 570 is fine.
  5. Long viewdistances do a lot of quad-tree / oct-tree calculations and sometimes these need a very powerful CPU in addition to a GTX660 Ti (or better) video card.

    There used to be a W-Buffer in NVIDIA GeForce cards (a very long time ago) but they got rid of it as no-one was using it and it only applied to simulations.

    Todays 'games' are borderline simulations with over 2.4km view distances.

    Neither your GPU, nor CPU are really cut out for this.

    The GTX570 was a Christmas GPU from December 2010, a GTX770 -by comparison- is a current May 2013 GPU.

    To get the viewdistances you want you need a GPU with a much higher Texel rate, and the GTX500 series didn't have much better texel rates than the GTX400 series (from memory).

    In fact the GTX770 can handle over 100 BILLION TEXELS PER SECOND!
    - This is over THREE TIMES what the GTX570 can do.
    - The other specs are surprisingly similar, but it's texel rate that and fill rate (somewhat less) that you need for long view distances.

    As a lot of the geometry data is dynamically scaled while playing you also need a CPU that can keep up with this,...
  6. Bottom line if it aint broke don't fix it make the best of what you got save and plan to upgrade later kinda like a older car never let it nickel and dime you before you get something better.
  7. Awesome, Thanks for the reply guys. The Athlon 620 was out of my old HP desktop and i knew it wasn't fantastic but to see how low in specs it really is is quite shocking. :\ After seeing those charts elmo postes I decided to try my GPU in my rommates computer who's specs are virtually identical. Even has the same RAM and power supply but he has a new intel xeon E5 which he spent half of his tax return on :p and when we put my 570 into his desktop we tried the same games. The lag was totally gone. There were drops ofcourse but not major enough to be noticeable in anyway. Nowhere near the drops i was experiencing, even at far draw distances. My plan is to upgrade my CPU to at least a xeon E3 and then switch to a GTX 770 by fall. I don't demand top settings afterall :p just a smooth experience. Thanks johnnyb, tabri and elmo for the help, i now know what needs swapping.
  8. Glad to help buddy.
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