RAM Core Values/Voltages Reset Each Power off

The RAM core values and voltages continue to reset each time the system is powered off. This has been causing blue screens on my system and I'm not quite sure what to do about it. Help? It's Corsair RAM. 4x 4GB sticks. Asus Motherboard.
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  1. How bout CPU (and OC if any), mobo model and exact model of DRAM and if this is a single set of DRAM - need a little to work with here
  2. Don't overclock without heavy testing?
  3. AMD FX Quad Core, not overclocked. Nothing in the system is overclocked. The RAM: 4x 4GB 1600mHz sticks of Corsair XMS3. Mobo: M5A97 r2.0.
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    Is the date/time correct? Sort of sounds like CMOS is resetting. Make sure you have the latest BIOS....
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