ASUS z77 Sabertooth MOBO BIOS/CMOS Reset

Hello Everyone,
I think I've gone past a point of no return with my gaming rig. I had gone through the BIOS a little while back because I kept having game/system crashes on my Vizio 47" 1080p 120hz. I tweaked the RAM speed to 1600mhz under XMP and volts to 1.5. It worked for games like SC2, but BF3 and Planetside continued to crash, even on the lowest video settings. So I decided to downsize to a 21" monitor. Low and behold everything worked well and even on high settings. Unfortunately it lasted only for a couple of weeks before i started having the same issues during periods of prolonged gaming. So i figured I'd go back through the BIOS to get the most performance out of my components. As I went through I think I changed a setting that recognizes hardware because after the last save and restart the machine turned on but theres no monitor signal and now neither keyboard/mouse have connection.

So far I've tried:
CMOS Jumper Reset and
USB FLASH Recover, but USB STICK does not seem to be staying connected or the port is messed up.
Neither worked and i don't have much experience with this so i might have missed a step.

Any help with fixing this or troubleshooting would really be appreciated.

ASUS z77 Sabertoothh MOBO
Intel i5 3570K 3.5-4.2 ghz CPU
Corsair H50 cpu cooler
Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz 16GB Ram Kit (X2 8GB)
120GB SSD SAMSUNG/windows 7
500GB WD
CSZ 750 Watt PSU
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    Reset the CMOS, connect monitor to on board video, go into BIOS reset time and date, change primary video to PCI-E
  2. Tradesman1 said:
    Reset the CMOS, connect monitor to on board video, go into BIOS reset time and date, change primary video to PCI-E

    Okay so I reset the CMOS with the jumper, but the only connection for video on the MOBO is an HDMI port which I have connected to TV showing no signal. And the mouse and keyboard are still not functioning.
  3. Check all your power connections and ensure they are tight, how do you know the mouse and keyboard don't work? You mention TV, is the input set to the DVI connection? Might even want to pull the guts and bench it, have aguide I wrote here:
  4. I would run the system off of the integrated Intel Graphics to rule out a bad graphics card.
  5. That's what he is trying to do
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