How to convert sata hdd to usb external hdd without dc power supply

I am trying to convert a sata hdd to usb external hdd without dc power supply,recently I came to knw that there is a specific case for sata hdd but the problem in that hdd case is it needs dc power supply,so to make the sata hdd to only usb external hdd I need some guidance..
thanx in advance
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    Hmm assuming that you are using USB 3.0 here are som theoretically thoughts:

    The USB is capable of providing (with data transmition) USB 3.0:
    150 mA @ 5V = 0,75 W
    900 mA @ 5V = 4,5 W

    Purely used for recharging battery devices with no data transmition:
    1,5 A @ 5V = 7,5 W

    You will either have to use a very small and power efficient hdd if you want to be able to use only one USB port or you will have to use two USB ports at the same time. One providing the power and the other reading the data.
  2. Depends on the hard-drive. A 3.5" drive will probably need external power, or at least a dual-head USB cable that draws power from two USB ports. A 2.5" laptop drive, you can find lots of cases that only need USB power to run.
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