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I will be building a PC which will primarily be used for video editing and maybe some light gaming. I was hoping everyone could tell me if any of these video cards would work. I was wondering how long each would take when paired with either an i7-4470 or an FX-8350.

msi gtx 770 - $399.99
Radeon HD 7950 - $298.28
Radeon HD 7870 XT (runs on the Tahiti architecture) - $229.99

I was also wondering what the difference would be between an i7-4770 and an FX-8350. I want to know how much faster one will render than the other. I want to get into YouTube, so how long would each of these processor + graphics card combinations render a 10 minute YouTube video (approximately 35mb)? Thanks.
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    I have limited encoding expierence(entirely handbrake). I have found encoding is more dependent on CPU than GPU performance. According with that, I see the 4770K beats the 8350 in handbrake encoding times. And games also get better performance from Intel's superior single threaded performance. If you are on a budget get the Fx-8350, if nto, go for the i7.

    Get the GPU you prefer. I would avoid the 7870 XT, and just pay extra to get a 7970. If you prefer Geforce, then get the 770, they are about equal in performance, but the 770 being is more expensive, and the 7970 comes with free games.
  2. Your GPU encoding performance can depend on which program you are using. Some programs make use of CUDA (nVidia) and others OpenCL (AMD)
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