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I have an Alienware X51 with a 330w power supply running a GTX 555, I would like to get a GTX 660 ti however I do not know if i will need to get a new power supply also.

My questions are:

Will a GTX 660ti work in my current (330w) PC?


If I need a new power supply which are compatible and will fit in such a small space?

Thanks in advance
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    I think your worst problem is airflow....if you would go 650 watt (YES you do need a new PSU).

    Worst case scenario you would have to get a new case, which i do highly recommend so you will be able to upgrade allot better and more.

    Problem is, i have never seen such a size PSU??? have you tried contacting Alienware to order a better PSU?

    And seriously measure the space required for a diffrent GPU, it must breathe too, so please look out.
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