What Is the Highest Stable Clock Speed for an GTX 560 Gigabyte OC Editon?

Hi everyone,

I would like to know what the max stable clock speed is for a gtx 560 without raising the voltage. Usually, it runs at 830MHz and with Unigine Heaven 4.0 it scored 68.4 FPS (1280 x 720, Basic Settings, Full Screen) and when i raised it to 900MHz it was able to score 71.8 FPS, a nice increase with the same settings. Well , how far above the 900 can i get it? Is it possible to get 1GHz, if so, how much FPS will i then have? (A10-5800K@4,3GHz/ 8GB 1600MHz RAM)

Thank You!
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    The card is stable with a GPU clock at 924MHz, shader clock at 1848MHz and memory clock at 1042 MHz.
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