mixing ram with same timings voltage

Hi im wondering will it be ok to mix 2x4gb 9-9-9-24 1.5v ram with a 8gb stick with the same timings and voltage.
btw does anyone know if ddr3l ram can be safely volted to say 1.50-155v ?
i don,t care if it will not run dual channel since i see no benefits unless doing benchmarks bandwidth hungry apps
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    I don't advise mixing sets as it can often be problematic, if you want to try though, the best bet would be the 8GB stick in slot 1, then the 2 4GB sticks in slots 2-4, this puts 8GB in each channel and allows for dual channel, if 1.5 sticks may well need 1.55 as DRAM voltage (and yes it's safe, DRAM can normally be taken to plus 0.10 to 0.2 over spec voltage)
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