Will this memory, Corsair Vengeance Low-Profile 32GB (4 X 8GB) DDR3-1600 work fine on a Gigabyte GA-X79-UP4 Motherboard?

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I'll be using an Intel Core i7 3970X Cpu. I've been reading lately of people having problems with 8GB sticks above 1333, as well as using 32GB/64GB configurations. Just want to know if there's anybody who has this same motherboard with similar configuration or using 8GB sticks at 1600Mhz or higher, if you've experienced any issues at all. I'm scared that my board won't POST with the specified RAM installed. And Gigabyte only lists 8GB modules at 1333 on their QVL list. There's none at 1600Mhz or higher.

What do you guys thinks

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  1. It should work, Corsair and Gigabyte both say that it will work on their sites. If it doesn't just return it. Gigabyte and Corsair both are really good with RMA's
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    Shouldn't be, the CPU is more than capable, know many that have had problems were running old BIOSs (from helping them over at the GSkill forums), 64 GB can be troublesome with many X79 mobos when trying to run 2400 and with some mobos, 2133 sticks, but in general not really
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