7970 ghz edition with regular 7970 crossfire?

I've had my 7970 ghz in my pc for a while and decided to buy another for a crossfire setup.
Ghz edition:

normal 3gb

I accidently bought the normal 3gb one instead of another ghz edition. I've heard this will have some negative effects in crossfire? should I return and get the ghz or will this have no effect on performance?
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    Getting a GHz edition in CrossFireX will still be a CrossFireX. So the negative effects can still be present. It's not like switching to a GHz edition will make the setup not be a CrossFireX.

    As for performance, it depends on the card. But I would think that the GHz may have to downclock to keep up with the regular HD 7970.
  2. you probable can overclock the new radeon to match the GE versions settings. Generally there is almost no difference between stock and ge versions except for a more robust heatsink/fan system. just make sure both cards are roughly at the same settings for their clock and memory.
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