What GPU Do i buy ?

I have three 23 inch monitors at 1920x1200 Resolution. I have a budget of lets say up to $1500 for the GPU(s) alone and i am only looking up to two way SLI at most no AMD GPU's please. So far im debating between 690, titan and dual 780's but i don't know haha anyone got some advice ?
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  1. dual 780's would be the most powerful out of all of those, what's your psu?
  2. 1000Watt
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    I know you said no AMD gpu's but if it were still in circulation you shoulda gotten an asus ares II
    Dual 780's would probably be the best, if these come back in stock you could get or water cool some cheaper reference cards yourself.
  4. mackyisback said:

    that will definitely be enough to power the dual 780's so I would suggest getting those.
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