Input language changes during gaming [Windows 8]

I've been having problems with my input language changing randomly while I'm gaming (BF3, Crysis 3 are the ones that seem to be affected by this) on my windows 8 PC.

Once the input language changes (from English to Japanese), the game goes into windowed view, and I get Japanese characters popping up on the top left corner of the screen. The games still function but it's distracting.

In windows 8, pressing windows+space allows you to toggle between multiple input languages so I thought it was just a problem with me mashing the keyboard too much. So I disabled the windows key but the problem still occurs.

The only way to fix this is to remove my secondary language from the language settings temporarily while I'm gaming.

It's not a huge problem but it's a bit tedious and annoying.

Any ideas for an alternative solution?
Thanks in advance.
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    Left Ctrl + Left Shift can also change your input language, unless you've changed the shortcut settings. :-)
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