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I have a ASUS K55 Series K55ARF-HI5121E coming in the mail. That's great and all but the bad news it has windows 8. Now before you go rambling on saying oh windows 8 is so great just get use to it, I don't care I want it gone simple as that. There is nothing on the laptop if that matters. Also one thing I do need is the drivers not sure if asus have all the same drivers or what. Not sure what drivers I need download. So ya, help would be appreciated.
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  2. ss202sl said:

    Thank you, i went to there site couldnt find anything. Are these window 7 drivers?
  3. There are drivers for Windows x32 and x64. In the drop down box just pick the OS you need and the the drivers you need not hard to figure out. Just down load the drivers you need and copy them to a USB stick before you degrade your laptop by installing a obsolete OS on it that way you already have them in case your Ethernet card and such does not work after degrading it.

    Install on new laptop and looks and runs like 7 , with a start button. FREE

    Your laptop was made to run on 8 , don't risk installing 7 even though drivers are there.

    Drivers if you still want to downgrade ^
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