How do i seperate my host traffic and my VM's network traffic.

I start a work from home job today and they wanted us to create a new account with only MSE because other av conflicts with their software.

So i was like screw that I'll just make a new windows 7 64 bit vm, because i am not turning off my antivirus resources on my host.

I want to know how to separate my network traffic from my VM and my host. Because on my vm they will most likely have me connect through a vpn.

Does vm workstation do this on its own?

Would i have to do a bridged stetting or custom to get everything effected right.

My host is and my vm is So i know there in a different subnet class but i don't know how to stop them from watching my host's network traffic.
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    The best way to do this is with separate physical NIC interfaces. One physical interface will be for your physical, or host system, and the second NIC you would pass through to your VM. Then your host and VM network addresses would also be in the same network range and be able to communicate together as well as independently to the gateway and internet. I really don't know how VPN connection would work through a shared NIC port on a VM. And honestly MSE isn't the greatest anti-virus application out there, but it's definitely not bad. Especially when used in conjunction with 1) additional clean-up utilities like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and a secure web browser like Firefox or Chrome, and 2) common sense and practical use online.
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