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I have a Dell Dimension that is dead. When I turn on the power strip, it used to start the CPU fan briefly, but now nothing. There is no amber or green illumination on the front panel power switch. The only LED is a solid amber Stby on the motherboard next to the video card. I have reseated all of the connectors and have even tried a new power supply, but nothing has changed. There was lightning in the area before I noticed the problem, but the computer was p,urged into a surge suppressor that was turned off. Any help greatly appreciated
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    Hello dear sir,

    I see this is your first time posting, please take a few minutes to read the forum rules:

    Most likely you have a dead mobo.
    Take the memory out and try to boot, if you hear beeps: it means mobo/cpu are fine.
    If not, the last thing to try is to change the battery on the mobo in case that is the problem.
    Else, you need to change the mobo
  2. Thanks. Neither the RAM or the battery changed the results. I guess that a new computer is in order as it doesn't seem to make sense to replace the MOBO in this old a computer.
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