Computer Freezes right after start up

Background: Back in December I bought a custom brand new cyberpower gaming PC for $1500. I have never downloaded anything onto that computer except for windows updates, crap cleaner, steam, origin, and uplay. I'm currently running Windows 7 Ultimate on it.

Problem: Yesterday (the 7th) my computer froze within 5 minutes of me booting it up. I didn't have time to open any programs or do anything on it. I hit the restart button and the same thing happened. I tried it a 3rd time, same thing. On the 4th time I booted it up in safe mode with command prompt. I ran a dskchk and system scan. Both came up clean. I rebooted my computer and it still froze within 5 minutes. On my next attempt I was able to do a system restore to the 4th (I hardly have anything on the computer so it went fast). Rebooted and again, it froze. I have also updated all my graphics drivers, and ran a quick virus scan, yet it still freezes. I am out of ideas, and I refuse to believe that a $1.5k machine is busted after 7 months of careful use. Someone please help me, thanks.
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    Check the RAM sticks with this:

    Do you have onboard video ? If so, than take out the GPU and plug the display cable to on board. See how it works.

    Please post your full system specs.
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