Computer Freezes right after start up

Background: Back in December I bought a custom brand new cyberpower gaming PC for $1500. I have never downloaded anything onto that computer except for windows updates, crap cleaner, steam, origin, and uplay. I'm currently running Windows 7 Ultimate on it.

Problem: Yesterday (the 7th) my computer froze within 5 minutes of me booting it up. I didn't have time to open any programs or do anything on it. I hit the restart button and the same thing happened. I tried it a 3rd time, same thing. On the 4th time I booted it up in safe mode with command prompt. I ran a dskchk and system scan. Both came up clean. I rebooted my computer and it still froze within 5 minutes. On my next attempt I was able to do a system restore to the 4th (I hardly have anything on the computer so it went fast). Rebooted and again, it froze. I have also updated all my graphics drivers, and ran a quick virus scan, yet it still freezes. I am out of ideas, and I refuse to believe that a $1.5k machine is busted after 7 months of careful use. Someone please help me, thanks.
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    Froze how? Is the computer not responding to any input at all? Are the mouse and keyboard lit? Try re-seating the plugs for the keyboard and mouse even if they are lit. Give the computer a few minutes after re-seating the plugs. If the keyboard and mouse are still lit, try moving the mouse or pressing the num-lock key on the keyboard. If the num-lock light on the keyboard lights up or the mouse moves, maybe problem solved. If the computer is still unresponsive to inputs AND the mouse/keyboard are not lighting up it could be that the USB ports are dead. If they ARE lit up and the computer doesn't respond I would then try to run a scan on your hard drive from a different computer with your hard drive in an external enclosure.

    Also, have you contacted Cyberpower about this? I would imagine that they would be the best source of troubleshooting information for your computer.
  2. Yes, the computer is not responding to any input at all. The mouse and the keyboard both freeze (the number lock on the keyboard turns off). I have already tried unplugging them and then plugging them back in, with no luck. The computer itself also freezes. For example I tried running a full virus scan and got to 27% before the mouse and keyboard went dead; at the same time, the computer froze at 27% and nothing was moving. However I did not hear any unusually clicking like the video card or the hard drive shutting off or going into overdrive. Everything sounds normal, everything just stops working all at once.

    No, I have not contacted Cyberpower about this yet. I wanted to check here first to see if I was maybe overlooking something simple or if anyone had any ideas, before I got them involved.

    Edit: Also, I have left it on the windows "welcome"/login screen for the past two hours, and computer is still running normally. As soon as I log in though, within 5 minutes everything freezes again. So maybe it is some sort of software issue and not hardware? I already rolled it back though, which should have fixed it if that was the case.
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