6-pin GPU, 8-Pin mobo power

So the setup is a bit weird, essentially i have a GPU that requires a 6-pin power, the only power I have available is the 8-pin PCI-E power off of my motherboard (this is a server build, don't ask). Can i just plug the 6-pin into the power? it looks like it would fit, but that seems too easy.
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  1. Doesn't compute.

    What's the brand and model of your Power Supply? What video card are you using? What motherboard do you have?
  2. Buy a molex to 6 pin pci express adapter from newegg, they are like 5 to 10 dollars each.
  3. This is a server chassis, the ONLY power i have access to is a female 8-pin power port on the motherboard. The power supply is the server power supplies, two 750w PSUs. The video card is a quadro 5000. I have a 6-pin male-male power cord.
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    If the 8 pin is listed as pci express power then yes you can just plug the 6 pins in and leave the other two out.
  5. Thanks Swilczak, things usually don't go that easy, made me suspicious.
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